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Primary School No. 1 Adam Mickiewicz in Będzin.


Head teacher: Ewa Maria Graca

Assistant head teacher: Karolina Jakóbczyk

Number of students: 473

Number of classes: 23

Pedagogical staff: 53 teachers

E mail address: sp1@e-bedzin.pl

Primary School No. 1 Adam Mickiewicz in Będzin is one of the oldest schools in the city. It was created thanks to the efforts of the residents of the Małobądz district, who in 1919 allocated a part of private land for its construction. In 1921, the school was opened in a building that was later transformed into a Teacher’s House. In the present building, the school has been operating since 1959. Since then, it has undergone many renovations and modernization, adapting its infrastructure to the needs of subsequent generations of students.

In recent years, the facility has gained a lot of attractiveness, mainly thanks to modern sports facilities, which serve not only students but also residents of the district and residents of the Górki Małobądzkie housing estate established in 2003. In 2011, sports grounds with a total area of

​​1715 m² were put into use, including a pitch and a running track. From spring to autumn, the school complex is used by school pupils, and  by the local community. A modern gym, was built in 2018 and has made the school’s sports base complete and it reches all expectations and standards.

Primary School No. 1 is an institution educating the abilities and skills of its students at a high level. It can be seen in the results of the sixth-grade test – over the years one of the highest, and recently the highest in the city and far above the national and provincial average, as well as numerous successes in competitions at various levels, including the Provincial Competition on Polish Language (finalist and laureate) and Maths (two finalists).

As an institution that ofers high educational standards, it was qualified for the Credible School program and in 2015 it was included on the national list of reliable schools. In 2014, as the first school in Będzin, obtained the national certificate of the Health Promoting School.

Thanks to participation in the „Digital School” program run by the Ministry of Digitization and Automation, the school gained additional equipment in the form of tablets, laptops, scanners, projectors and screens, and the pedagogical staff competences in the use of new technologies in teaching the modern student. Highly qualified teaching staff is another advantage of the school.

The integration of the school community is served by events that are the school’s tradition. It should be mentioned here:

Open school day

Christmas play with the participation of the city authorities

Christmas Eve school parties

Celebrations on Mother’s Day, Grandmother’s Day, Grandfather’s Day

Christmas market

The school is also the organizer of inter-school competitions, which are permanently inscribed in the calendar of events:

Zagłębiowski Inter-School Song Festival – 22 editions

English Valentine’s competition for children

From 7.00-17.00 the chidren can attend the care room in the school, whose main task is to provide students with organized educational care enabling comprehensive personality development. The school systematically recognizes the needs of students in order to provide them with material help as well as support and care of the pedagogue. Children with low material status are provided with free lunches, social scholarships, Santa’s packages, and additional help is provided for them, eg partial coverage of the cost of going to the green school and holiday trips. Pupils with special educational needs are covered by psychological and pedagogical help. For them, classes are organized to develop abilities and interests (literary, mathematical, ecological, IT, art, theater, music, choir, SKS), corrective and compensatory classes, speech therapy, and revalidation.

In recent years, the school has almost doubled the number of students without losing its climate and family atmosphere.

A very important element of the school’s work is the development of pupils’ language skills and foreign language learning. In 2016-2017, the school implemented a program financed by the European Union Erasmus + POWER (Knowledge, Education, Development) action 1: „Mobility of learners and employees”. Participants of the project „Foreign languages ​​and information technologies as the key to modern education of European citizens” were teachers who had been trained in Oxford, Brighton and Malta on the latest teaching methods, such as CLIL or ICT. The school has obtained a project grant in the Erasmus + KA 229 school education program, which is one of the 417 approved projects that Polish schools will implement as a partner institution in the school year 2018/2019.

If you want to contact us:

postal mail: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 ul. Szkolna 3, 42-500 Będzin Poland

phone/fax:  +48 32 267 39 30

e-mail: sp1@e-bedzin.pl

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